St Columba's Primary School Adamstown

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Lockyer St, Adamstown NSW 2289

Principal’s Welcome

St Columba’s Primary School is a co-educational Catholic Primary School established by the Sisters of Mercy in the 1890s.  The school operates under the umbrella of the Catholic Schools Office in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.

Our school has a strong tradition built on the achievements of both students and teachers. Learning occurs in modernised, stimulating and well-resourced classrooms, staffed by talented and proficient teachers.  Students at St Columba’s enjoy a rich curriculum and access to programs that cater for a wide range of student abilities.  We offer a learning culture that promotes achievement, gospel values and an ordered and respectful environment. Students are encouraged to set high standards, high expectations and to be successful.

I welcome you to St Columba’s School and look forward to a happy, supportive and productive relationship with you and your children.

Jenny Howard


Why Do Parents Choose St Columba’s?

  • Our People – we are connected by a strong sense of community. We believe in developing the whole person – spiritually, academically and socially – to become good citizens. By providing a stimulating, supportive environment we encourage our students to reach their full potential as people, as learners and as a community.
  • Our Learning – we want to maintain the joy of learning. The ultimate goal of teaching is to spark curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. We believe that education should be enjoyable and we provide opportunities for everyone to imagine, explore and learn.
  • Our Spirituality – pervades every part of the life of our school and lives through the people and events in our lives. We aim to give our student a positive and loving relationship with God. We provide opportunities to pray every day, reflect on stories of Jesus, to be part of a community and to help build something bigger than them.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is the expression of care in the school community, which brings together the different aspects of school life. Pastoral Care is modelled on the teachings of Jesus and is the everyday expression of our Christian values.

Parents often ask the question, “Will my child cope when they start school?”  Like all children, your son or daughter will face challenges at some time and need support. We know that self-esteem, personal worth and mutual respect help build the foundations of a happy child. Our pastoral care programs, structured around the school values, build resilience, confidence and friendships and celebrate individual achievement.

There is support for your child at all levels of school life.   They have access, if required, to the assistance of a School Psychologist and Learning Support Team. We also have other support systems like our Buddy Program and School Leaders Program for senior students. Together with our school-wide promotion of positive behaviour, these initiatives are designed to guide and encourage our students as they progress through the grades.

Above all, in looking after our students, we acknowledge that kids are kids and that they will make mistakes as part of their learning process.

At St Columba’s students are taught to be resilient, have courage when needed, to take appropriate risks and to learn from their mistakes.

The Bounce Back program

St Columba’s is a member of Be You initiative- which means that we actively work to support the well being of our children and value positive relationships within our school community.  A significant part of this framework for us is the classroom teaching with the Bounce Back program.

If you are resilient you are able to cope reasonably well with difficult situations and things that go wrong and then ‘bounce back’. Throughout life children will encounter everyday challenges such as making mistakes, falling out with a friend, moving house or school and losing in a sports competition. Many will also face challenges such as adapting to family breakdowns, a step-family, the illness or death of a family member, or being bullied.

The BOUNCE BACK! Well being and Resilience program teaches children the skills and attitudes to help them become more resilient. It uses literature as a starting point for discussions and follow-up activities. These ten coping statements are a core part of the program.

BOUNCE BACK! stands for:

Bad times don’t last. Things always get better. Stay  optimistic.

Other people can help if you talk to them. Get a reality check.

Unhelpful thinking makes you feel more upset. Think again.

Nobody is perfect—not you and not others.

Concentrate on the positives (no matter how small) and use laughter.

Everybody experiences sadness, failure, rejection and setbacks sometimes, not just you. They are a normal part of life. Try not to personalise them.

Blame fairly. How much of what happened was due to you, to others and to bad luck or circumstances?

Accept what can’t be changed (but try to change what you can change first).

Catastrophising exaggerates your worries. Don’t believe the worst possible picture.

Keep things in perspective. It’s only part of your life.

Working Together

Parent engagement and community partnerships are very much a part of the contemporary education setting.  St Columba’s understands that the relationship between school, home and your children can have an impact upon your child’s success at school. It is important to us that parents appreciate and support this too.  Good communication is the critical factor.  By working together, we can foster your child’s growth.  Parents need to feel confident about the teaching and learning taking place in the classroom and to discuss problems as they arise. It is essential that we communicate with each other in a respectful, fair, honest and open manner. Sharing concerns or raising queries early helps us provide the best environment for students and deal with problems as they arise.